Posted by: Elizabeth McIntyre | February 25, 2010

My True/False: Internship experience

Shared by Lindsay Bukiet, a travel intern for the True/False Film Festival and a strategic communications student at MU. The Missourian is featuring reader contributions all weekend. If you’d like to submit your photos, stories or reviews, send them to

As a volunteer and patron of True/False festivals past, I have been anticipating 2010’s crop of films and activities. This year I was fortunate to move up the totem pole of involvement, as the office’s travel intern.

The position has required little actual traveling on my part, unless you count my whopping two minute commute to the office. My primary responsibilities have focused on guest accommodations, namely for filmmakers. I have been assisting the travel coordinator with booking and tracking virtually every method of transportation. This includes overseeing a handful of databases pertaining to lodging, flights, airport shuttles, budget and contact information.

Itineraries and Excel spreadsheets are hardly glamorous, but even data entry couldn’t turn this into a dull internship. Between meeting new people and learning the logistics of festival planning, this has been an enlightening experience. I knew a significant amount of work was necessary to organize an event of this caliber, but being on the inside has broadened my perspective.

My previous True/False experiences were characterized only by the festival weekend; I was generally unaware of everything that led up to it. As for this year, I’ve been impressed by the small staff’s ability to coordinate such a colossal weekend, down to minuscule details. I’m looking forward to the festivities of the weekend, especially now that I can appreciate everything on a new level. Happy festing!


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