Posted by: Jie Yi See | February 26, 2010

My True/False: Fan blog

Shared by Bud, who is one of the four founders of the True/False blog “Totally/Fun 2010.” These pictures and content were originally from various entries in their blog.
The Missourian is featuring reader contributions all weekend. If you’d like to submit your photos, stories or reviews, send them to

Jill, Jeremy, and Sally, three of the founders of the T/F blog

We are four former Mizzou students – two sisters, two couples – who created our site as a way to enhance and share our True/False experience in varying ways. Our site was originally conceived in 2007 as a blog for Bud and Jason, former True/False passholders, to document and critique each film they viewed during their first True/False. After two years off from True/False blogging, Bud suggested a less stressful site with simpler goals, easy photo and text journaling, meeting fellow True/False fans, sharing our fest with our families, bringing attention to our favorite True/False films and buskers, and perhaps to score a free drink or two.

We’re still waiting for those drinks…

Sally took this picture when she was at the March March

These pictures are all credited to Totally/Fun 2010. Check out their blog for more updated pictures and information.

Follow them on twitter for more information.


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