Posted by: Jess | February 27, 2010

Review: ‘The British in Bed’

Sex. Babies. Infidelity.

These topics are usually private, especially the specifics of our sex lives. What guy wants to tell his friends, much less thousands of strangers, that he can’t achieve an erection, and nothing he’s tried has worked?

What couple wants to admit on camera, or to themselves, really, that their marriage is a sham and they’re not in love anymore?

These are topics most people don’t discuss with the general public, but somehow Director Pippa Robinson was able to persuade strangers to lower their masks, go on camera and discuss their personal lives.

In a way, this film is quite simple. It features nine couples in different stages of marriage or courtship, all lounging in bed, looking at the camera or at each other, talking about their lives.

One couple who’s been married for 49 years discusses their active sex life, saying they do it about once a week.

Shortly after this confession, as a bit of humor, a young couple, who are 17 and 18 and  expecting twins, wonder what it’s like to be old and having sex. The boyfriend wonders if it’s even possible to have sex when you’re 80 — wouldn’t your bones snap?

This film had its moments of humor, but it had sad ones as well. One couple talks about the death of a newborn child, which happened many years before. When the husband begins to cry, it is a genuine, touching moment.

It also sheds light on normal couples and doesn’t glamorize or romanticize love. All of the couples said they had to work at the relationship; they had gone through rough patches but stuck it out.

One couple talks about not loving each other anymore. They seem to be together out of routine, more than anything else. The wife admits that she’s not maternal, and seems resentful of her children. Her brutal honesty is quite courageous. Let’s hope her children don’t see the film.

Other showings for ‘The British in Bed’ include:

Sunday, Feb. 28 / 8:30PM / Big Ragtag


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