Posted by: Simin Wang | February 27, 2010

T/F fans sample tasty appetizers at Missouri Theatre

People taste different appetizers at each level in the theater.

Right after March March, True/False fans attended “Reality Bites” at Missouri Theatre, where they feasted on appetizers by local restaurants.

These foods included bite-sized sandwiches, duck confit crostinis, housemade chorizo, Italian and apple sausages, deep-fried dumplings and chocolate mousse.

The participating restaurants that provided the appetizers included Wine Cellar & Bistro, Bleu, Tellers Gallery and Bar, Broadway Brewery, Bangkok Gardens and The Chef Connection.

Jan Goodman found her fanciful hat last year, and decided to wear it to T/F.

Jan Goodman was one of the many T/F fans who dressed up for the event. She wore a fanciful hat with rolls of film that had actor Sean Penn on it.

“I found this used hat last year, and decided to wear it to T/F this year,” Goodman said. It is her third time attending the film festival.

Goodman’s favorite food at “Reality Bites” was Schlafly Beer.

Leola Davis spent five to 10 minutes painting her face for the event.

Leola Davis painted her face for the occasion. She took part in the half-hour March March from Stephens College to Missouri Theatre.

Davis’ favorite food was the dumplings.

For more photos of the event, click here.


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