Posted by: mariahhenry | February 28, 2010

Panel: How can films inspire social change?

Directors Josh Fox (“GasLand”) and Carter Gunn (“Colony”) showed clips from their movies at the Columbia Art League on Sunday and then turned to an interactive format by asking the audience to help develop strategies for turning documentary concepts into global action.

They were part of a session arranged by The Fledgling Fund. The fund’s senior program officer, Emily Verellen, said the organization’s main goal is to spark social change through creative media.

She was interested to know how the audience thought a film could be used to get people interested in the topic enough to make a difference at the national level.

The audience was split into two groups for a brainstorm session. The goal was to create ideas for a mini-campaign to help the creators figure out which ideas people are most interested in from the movies. Then, the groups dreamed up possible movement slogans, target audiences, marketing strategies and possible ways to extend the narrative of the film into the lives of the individuals in the audience.

By the end of the session, both the directors and Verellen said the audience groups had given them a place to start their campaigns for social change.


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