Posted by: Haley Hastings | February 28, 2010

For first-time volunteer, community is the heart of T/F

Shared by Lauren Pinder, a festival volunteer and MU student. The Missourian is featuring reader contributions all weekend. If you’d like to submit your photos, stories or reviews, send them to

This was my first year volunteering at True/False. I don’t really know why I was so eager to give up my weekend to help out at the festival, but I guess it just seemed right to give back to a community from which I feel like I’ve received so much.

My favorite part of this weekend was getting to talk to and get to know so many people. For example, this morning I was sitting outside in the cold at around 9:00 giving out “Q” tickets at Ragtag. I spent half an hour talking to a man and a woman about the films they had seen that weekend. We shared recommendations, our thoughts on the films and filmmakers, the reasons we like this festival so much and how we were sad to see the weekend coming to an end. They asked what I studied at MU and ended up telling me a little about themselves in the meantime. By the time I had to go back inside to take tickets I felt like these people were my friends and I was bummed to have to leave them.

I didn’t know these people. I had never seen or spoken to them before and will most likely never see or speak to them again. But the most defining and appealing characteristic of True/False is just that you feel at home. Through sharing film, art, food and music together the festival-goers and even volunteers build an unusual but wonderful camaraderie. And despite the fact that I love seeing the films and being exposed to things from around the world, it’s the community and people right here in Columbia that will bring me back again next year.


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