Posted by: cconstant | February 28, 2010

Review: ‘Racing Dreams’

NASCAR. Millions of Americans thrive off the adrenaline of 50 plus cars roaring around a track. Some people might say that NASCAR fans are the most dedicated fans of any sport in this country. I never really understood the passion and excitement that comes with racing cars… until I saw this film. Director Marshall Curry took a less than interested viewer and for two hours made me the most avid and intrigued race car driving fan to ever live.

This film takes you through the lives of three young racers who have dreams of one day making it to the big track. But in the world of racing, the first step towards making it is competing in the national kart-racing tournament. The film leads you through the last season of racing before the young racers must decide if this is what they want to do for the rest of their lives. This season will decide whether the racers have what it takes to keep training or if they need to throw out their racing gloves for good.

The film’s most powerful aspects are the three lives of the young characters: Josh, Brandon, and Annabeth. Josh is a 13-year-old boy who has dreams of becoming the next Jeff Gordon. His dedication and country manners allow him to charm his way into the audience’s heart right at the starting line. Brandon, a hotheaded kid who has had it rough, is struggling with family issues as he tries to keep his cool on the track. Annabeth, an 11-year-old who is one of very few girls to compete in the sport, has to decide if she wants to spend her weekends racing or trade in her dream for a new hobby: boys.

Throughout the film, the director shows the extreme dedication of these kids and how much time and work is put into training and competing in races. The viewer experiences the lives of ambitious young people through their trials and adventures as well as through the eyes of their loved ones. The director does an amazing job of making the audience fall in love with the pre-pubescent dream team, and in doing so he also makes the viewer fall in love with the sport of racing.



  1. This was my favorite Feel Good story of the Festival. I hope it comes to theaters or on DVD soon! My kids will love it.

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