Posted by: Simin Wang | March 3, 2010

T/F ends with song and dance at “Buskers Last Stand”

Video by Simin Wang/Missourian

True/False Film Fest 2010 concluded with crowds singing and dancing to tunes played by bands such as The Toughcats and Rum Drum Ramblers at the Missouri Theatre Sunday night.

David Wilson, co-founder and co-director of the festival was satisfied with T/F this year. He said, “I feel fantastic. There were lots of problem, like the weather, but the overall was good.”

Tim Wahl, a pioneer scientist from St.Louis, drove back to attend T/F. “Catching T/F is a break from my job,” he said. “I like the people. They don’t push a lot, and everyone’s friendly. I love to come back.”

Wahl went to school at MU’s College of Arts and Science. He hopes that T/F 2011 will not change too much, or get too popular such that he would not be able to get tickets to the movie.

Wilson said that he does not foresee such a thing happening next year. He said, “There will always be tickets.”

T/F volunteer Mike Denehy rides his ostrich Edgar at T/F the entire night. He likes the wide variety of music at T/F each year. Photo by Simin Wang/Missourian

Mike Denehy, a volunteer who rode an ostrich called Edgar, wanted T/F to stay this way. “I love the wide variety of music at T/F,” he said. “I want most of the same thing, and another good year for the next T/F.”



  1. The weather was great! Unless DW was talking about those folks stuck on the east coast by that big storm.

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