Posted by: Haotao Xiong | March 6, 2010

DJs’ amazing and inspring experience at True/False

Shared by DC Hot Commodities

DC Hot Commodities participated in the True/False to DJ the @ction party and the Saturday night after party last week.

dc hot commodities true false tour 2010DC Hot Commodities was born on a tropical Miami night one new year’s eve, in response to a dance-off challenge to which we ended up shaking an audio cassette and our booties. We have been traveling, laughing, and djing ever since. Four of us came to True/False to DJ the @ction party and the Saturday night after party – we didn’t know what to expect, but we knew we would show Columbia, MO a good time. Mission accomplished! And then some! Our experience at True/False was amazing and inspiring.

Both parties were a great success from our eyes, with 1) sweat and 2) abundance of original dance moves as important measures. Being with lots of people boogying, hearing new musical styles, and respecting each other are what make DJing worthwhile for us, and True/False turned it. As you know if you were at the party, our repertoire includes music from Kenya, Baltimore, Peru, New Orleans, Pakistan, and other places near and far, pumping out jamz like electro, disco, reggaeton, house, salsa, bhangra, dance hall, soul, hip-hop, high life, cumbia, and much more. We love dancing to the music that we DJ, and we were so happy that True/False-goers felt the same way! For us, sincere djing is a collaborative exercise along with the audience, and together we all made some great parties happen.

We finally got to catch a couple of movies on Sunday – The Oath (mistakenly called the Omen by some amongst us, which grew into an affectionate inside joke), Tightrope, Colony, La Familia, and Holy Wars. All five films were fantastic, and we hope to make it back to T/F again soon and be able to enjoy even more! (Not to mention all the great food we stuffed ourselves with at local restaurants). DC Hot Commodities love to combine djing and music with multi-media wildness, so being in a space with lots of filmmakers, musicians, and other creative folks was fabulous and inspiring. Sometimes when you’re behind the dj booth it’s hard to meet people, so we made some stickers to pass out with our contact info – hopefully you got one! They were the result of impromptu, lovin-Missouri photo shoot hijinx in the Travellodge parking lot that left us all in a fit of laughter.

Back in Washington, DC, we all dj with another crew called Anthology of Booty, and throw a monthly party called BackDoor. Our crew is a mix of people from many different backgrounds, and we are painfully aware of how social spaces like dances, clubs, bars and even theaters have been used to keep people apart and maintain social dynamics such as racism, misogyny, and homophobia. We are committed to resisting these negative forces by creating spaces for dancing, enjoyment, relaxation, and art with an emphasis on inclusion and respect. It was an exciting and positive experience joining forces with True/False on this mission!



  1. thanks Haotao and all the True/False folks for such a great time and letting us share our experience! Party with us in DC!!

    • You are welcome. Thanks for the sharing with us in Columbia of your experience in T/F. Hope later on we can meet again at DC.

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